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We are no longer accepting applications for 2018-19 Academic Year.

If you have not been notified of your current status (complete, incomplete, ineligible) either your application was not received by the deadline, your email was incorrect or illegible, or we did not receive your application at all.


All applications are currently in screening. See below for approximate notification times (email).

March 5th – Screening process begins. Applications are redacted for privacy and sent to committee for further consideration. Note- we will conduct a cursory social media search.
April 9th – Finalists are selected for interview (check your email often after this date)
Week of May 14-19 – Interviews conducted via Skype or in person.
Week of May 20 – Scholarship Awards are announced


Questions? or call 901-969-3115

Scholar Spotlight – Corinne!

Corinne has always had a highly sensitive personality, which is a very good thing, but can also be very tough to deal with during the early teen years. She learned early just how tough it can be, and the bullying and teasing during middle school led to a severe depression and anxiety disorder. Thus began […]

Our board consists of professionals in the behavioral health care industry and educators. We understand what you’ve been through, and we have the resources to help.