Our First Official Fundraiser

I am pleased to announce that our very first fundraising event was a resounding success! We received enough donations in one night to fund another scholarship! Our beautiful scholarship recipient, Eli, was poised and confident as she shared a very personal story in front of a room full of adults. I saw many tears fall as her mom shared the story of her journey and how she has blossomed into the beautiful young lady she is now! We will be posting pictures soon!

Please consider making a donation so we can send other kids like Eliana to college! Applications will be coming in soon and we want to be able to say YES!!!

Donations can be sent to JC Runyon Foundation, PO Box 38251, Germantown, TN 38183-3251

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Scholar Spotlight – Rian

Rian had visual hallucinations all his life. Starting at the age of 5, although they were very disturbing, he thought everyone saw them. He never told anyone because he didn’t know it was abnormal. That was until middle school, when his hallucinations began to manifest into debilitating experiences, leading to worrisome self-harming and suicidal behaviors. […]

Our board consists of professionals in the behavioral health care industry and educators. We understand what you’ve been through, and we have the resources to help.