Scholarship Applications are Rolling In!

The applications are coming in and we are honored to be able to hear your stories of triumph! I want to share a poem written by one of our applicants sent in 2012 (with her permission, of course):

Can’t stand it anymore, no/ Gonna’ kill myself and so/ Into hospital I will go.
Can’t have shoelaces, no/ They’re afraid I might choke myself, so/ Into Community Restriction I go.
Can’t stop cutting, no/ I’m not coping, so/ Into therapy I will go.
Can’t stay out of the hospital, no/ ‘Cause my brain is messed up, so/ To take my new meds I go.
Can’t control myself, no/ My mind is racing, so/ Into the hospital I will go.

This was written at the beginning of her journey toward acceptance of her diagnosis of bipolar disorder. It’s stories like hers that keep us going. The teenage years are hard, but for a child suffering with bipolar disorder, depression or another mental illness, it can literally be a life or death struggle. As a parent, I know I would move mountains to give my child the treatment he needed to get better, with no regard to the cost. But then what? Most insurance companies’ life-time coverage for mental illness is about $50,000. That’s not enough, so parents dig deep into their pockets to find the money using savings accounts, credit cards and loans. This leaves little money for college. The young lady who wrote the poem is thriving at the University of Memphis and is about to begin her senior year as a psychology major. We are thrilled to have been a part of her success in a small way. She’s done the work, we’ve been there to help. The diagnosis of a mental disorder is not the end, it’s the beginning. She has a lifetime ahead of her to give back to the world.

Won’t you help us help her?

Now that the word is out, the applications are coming in! We want to help as many kids as possible, but in order to be able to say YES, we need more funding! Students who have
conquered psychiatric disorders typically don’t qualify for traditional scholarship or grant programs because of the gaps in transcripts. Our Board is made up of mental health professionals and educators. We understand, and we can help. 100% of your donations go directly toward student scholarships because we are an all volunteer board. We have no overhead and all supplies and expenses are donated. Will you consider donating to our tax exempt organization? No amount is too large or small. We accept credit cards on the donation page or you can mail a check to JC Runyon Foundation PO Box 383251 Germantown, TN 38183-3251.

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Our board consists of professionals in the behavioral health care industry and educators. We understand what you’ve been through, and we have the resources to help.