Scholarship Applications are due May 3rd (two day extension)

Hopefully, you’ve made your plans for college and you have a goal in mind for your future. For those of you who are putting off your applications to “tweak” it just right, time is running out. Please email me if you’re waiting on a reference or transcripts of some sort and I will make sure to add you to the list. But do it TODAY, we are meeting tonight as a board to begin the process of evaluating applications and scheduling interviews. I will accept applications through Friday May 3rd, so please let me know if you’re working on the application. We want all eligible candidates to be considered.

Not sure if you qualify?

Here are the eligibility requirements to receive funding for your college tuition:

What do you need to send?

Completed applications must include the following:

When will I find out if I’ve been awarded a scholarship?

Our Board will be meeting tonight to review the applications we have received so far. We will be contacting qualified candidates within the next 2-3 weeks to arrange an interview. Please do not stress about the interview process, we are easy to talk to and we don’t bite, I promise! Unfortunately, not everyone who applies will be awarded a scholarship. If you are not awarded, you will receive a letter within the month. Please do not be discouraged if you’re not awarded this time. It could be a financial decision, as in we might not be able to fund everyone’s requests. It could also be that our Board doesn’t think you’re quite ready yet (too soon after the treatment) Please continue on your path to success and apply again. The more people who are aware of our program, the more donations we will receive. Spread the word, we want to say YES to everyone who qualifies!!!

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Scholar Spotlight – Rian

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Our board consists of professionals in the behavioral health care industry and educators. We understand what you’ve been through, and we have the resources to help.