Do you ever feeling like your life is a series of “hurry up and wait” moments? As a kid I remember I couldn’t wait to be 10, double digits! Then I couldn’t wait to be a teenager, get my drivers license (only took me 3 tries), graduate from high school, leave home for college, graduate, wedding day, new job, baby, baby, baby. I remember thinking, “I can’t wait!”.

As an adult, especially as a mom, the waiting changes. We wait for the babies to get old enough to entertain themselves, we wait in the car line and the ball fields, we wait for our teenagers to get home at night so we can sleep. We wait for our spouses to finish working so we can eat dinner. We wait for the dog to find the perfect spot to poop. We wait for the dryer to finish, we wait for the repair men. And all the while we wait, with a strained smile on our face, because this is what we as American moms dreamed of doing. The blissful joy of being the anchor in our family’s life. And it is truly a blessing, really it is. But sometimes I hear myself saying, “I can’t wait…” but for what?!?!

Time is a funny thing isn’t it? Eventually all my waiting will culminate into begging for more time. It’s inevitable. I’ve actually heard myself say, out loud, “That stoplight took forever, I sat there for two minutes!” Two minutes, really? I’m in such a rush to hurry so I can wait. Wait for what, exactly? What am I really waiting for? Waiting for my turn, I suppose. My turn to choose the course of my day. But what would I choose? Wouldn’t I choose to watch my child run across the lacrosse field? Wouldn’t I choose to talk with my son when he runs in the door at midnight on the dot to see how his night went? Wouldn’t I choose to eat with my husband who’s worked all day to give us a lifestyle I’d never dreamed of? Wouldn’t I choose to take care of the things I’ve been given? The answer is yes. So all my waiting is not really waiting is it? I’m accepting the precious abundance of time I’ve been given, because in the blink of an eye it will be gone. Life is short, but it’s full of time! So I’m going to go wait for my family to come home from their Saturday morning breakfast date because I can’t wait to see what today has in store for us!

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