Scholar Spotlight: Alex J.

Scholar Spotlight – Alex J. – Criswell College Class of 2020

We at JCRF are so pleased to be able to share Alex’s story. After years of living as a self proclaimed functional alcoholic from a happy childhood home, Alex realized that living for the American Dream was full of empty promises and descended into a downward spiral that eventually led to suicidal thoughts. He knew he needed a miracle, and finally, after trying several treatment plans he hit rock bottom. It was there that he found God and his life changed. He’s dedicated his life to the service of others and will be attending Seminary this Fall.

“I should be in a grave somewhere, but I am not. Here I am, alive and well. I desperately want to be able to use the gifts God has given me…attending seminary would be the best path for me. Sometimes people ask me if I had a chance to go back and change everything if I would. Frankly, I wouldn’t trade my past for anything, I am actually thankful for it. My addiction put me in a position for desperation where I now possess a relationship with God that I could have never dreamt of.”

We couldn’t agree more, Alex. You are an inspiration to those who are struggling with addiction right now and are a shining example of #movingforward.

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