Scholar Spotlight: Jacob

The JC Runyon Foundation is pleased to present our 5th Scholarship Recipient for 2017 – Jacob R.

After losing his beloved grandfather in 2012, Jacob began to mask his pain through self medication – drugs and alcohol. This quickly spiraled into an addiction that contributed to legal troubles and eventually led to a treatment program and his becoming involved with Narcotics Anonymous.

In addition to being able to keep his GPA up throughout his addiction and legal troubles, Jacob also threw himself into the NA program. He continues to attend daily NA meeting and has fully worked all 12 steps of the program and will celebrate 3 years sobriety in November of 2016. He has become a leader in the NA community and has been able to help numerous people through their own journey of addiction as well as serving as activities chair for his area and meeting chair.

“(sic) I am truly grateful for this scholarship because it has given me the opportunity to achieve my dreams and give back to the community and the world,” Jacob R.

He is attending the University of New Mexico as a sophomore after earning college credits while he was working his program. He is having a great time at school and has made many new friends through the NA program in Albuquerque. We are so very proud of the work Jacob has done to change his life path. He has a bright future ahead of him and we are grateful to be a small part of his journey!

If you or if you know somebody who might be interested in applying, we are accepting applications now. Download here: application2017

For more information on our eligibility requirements, download here:  Eligibility Requirements 2017-18

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