Scholar Spotlight – Katy






Katy has always dreamed of becoming an oncology nurse, but when major
depression began to emerge at the age of 12, she began to see her plans
unravel before her eyes. Throughout high school she tried to maintain a facade
of perfection and excelled in her classes, but inside she was falling apart. She
started having panic attacks but convinced her therapist that she was ready to
leave for college. Unfortunately, she was wrong. By the time finals came around
her first semester, Katy realized that she needed to withdraw and take care of
herself. Little did she know this would be the beginning of a long journey back.
“I would never wish mental illness of my worst enemy, fighting to stay alive when
everything inside of me wanted to die was the hardest thing I have ever done.”
But she did it. She is grateful to be alive and finally seeing her dreams come
true. She speaks about suicide prevention as often as possible, even as a
keynote speaker at a suicide prevention conference recently.

“I used to be Katy, just a girl with depression, but now I am Katy, who is going
to be a nurse! “

Yes, Katy you are! You are going to change lives with your empathy and
experience. We are more than proud to be a small part of your new life as you


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