Scholar Spotlight – Stephanie

Meet Stephanie – University of California – Davis Class of 2018

“Of course, despite all the great things I have learned during my time here at school, the most important thing I have learned is how to reach out early for help when I need it.”

Stephanie’s journey with depression and generalized anxiety disorder began during middle school and continued to progressively increase as she grew up. Her mental health began to bottom our her junior year of high school after she withdrew from the public school and began a homeschool program to pursue her goal of professional film and television acting. Stephanie’s acting career had begun to flourish as she found herself cast in many small films and commercials, however her feelings of isolation and anxiety only grew worse as the pressures to be perfect increased, ultimately resulting in a hospitalization to treat her downward spiral of depression and suicidal ideation. She began to feel better and more connected with her peers after reenrolling in the public school system and her academic career flourished. She was excited to begin her new chapter in a prestigious (although not her first choice) college, but this soon turned into another downward spiral as her anxiety began to manifest into the familiar deep depression. It was at this time that she decided to step back and start with smaller, more manageable steps as she worked against family cultural biases toward counseling and mental health stigma.

She was thrilled to have been finally accepted into her dream school and is thriving and happy at last! Among her other accomplishments while at her current school, she was one of seven people selected for the prestigious Prized Writing award, which gives accolades to outstanding student works of prose. She continues to manage her anxiety with a more realistic case load and goals for herself.

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