Scholar Spotlight – Nicholas

Nicholas began his journey with mental illness in middle school when his intrusive thoughts and repetitive behaviors began to impede his life. He began having panic attacks that ultimately required hospitalization. Once he finally receive his diagnosis, he was able to learn how to manage his behaviors and impulses through a variety of therapies and medications. He has found a combination that works and has given him the tools to thrive! As a high school student, he coordinated school blood drive, and Christmas party for at-risk children and served as his school’s National Honor Society treasurer where he coordinated about 100 volunteer student tutors. Impressive! Now he is a straight A student at the University of Florida! He is a mathematical genius who spent a lot of his early years watching and learning about a wide variety of mathematical theories and astrophysics, so it no surprise that he plans to major in mathematics and business with the hopes to become a quantitative trader. While we have no idea what that is, we have no doubt that whatever Nicholas sets his mind to, he will accomplish!


“I know firsthand what it feels like to struggle with mental illness and I am eternally grateful to the heroes who work with people with behavioral, mental or substance issues. As Pope John Paul II said: ‘A society will be judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members.’”


We are proud to be able to present Nicholas with the financial support he needs to #LiveTheNextChapter!

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Scholar Spotlight – Rian

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