Scholar Spotlight – Corinne!

Corinne has always had a highly sensitive personality, which is a very good thing, but can also be very tough to deal with during the early teen years. She learned early just how tough it can be, and the bullying and teasing during middle school led to a severe depression and anxiety disorder. Thus began her many years journey to find the right treatment through hospitalization, outpatient care, and therapy. But this sensitivity also led her to notice the distress of the homeless in her area. At the age of 11, she and her best friend started a nonprofit that provides warm clothing to the homeless.

Warm Winters has delivered over 40,500 items of warm clothing, new sock and toiletries to over 26,000 homeless community members in 12 states, changing the lives of their 500youth volunteers as well as the homeless they serve. She has been selected to speak at WE Day, a stadium-sized event that celebrates youth who have made a difference in their local and global communities. She also serves as Global Teen Leader for Three Dot Dash as well as being named as the Jefferson Awards GlobeChanger. She is going to change the world indeed!

“The therapy I have received, both inpatient and as an outpatient, came at a steep financial cost to my family. My mother had to quit her traveling sales job to take care of me. We ended up in a lot of debt, and sold our home in 2015 to pay for debt and medical bills.”

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