Scholar Spotlight – Ellie

Ellie grew up in a typical middle class home with a loving family. And although she was somewhat aware of mental health issues, she really didn’t pay much attention to it. But that all changed her sophomore year of high school when a fellow classmate sexually assaulted her at school. She spent a month trying to tell herself that it wasn’t a big deal, these things happened. She was partly to blame anyway she thought.

She eventually reported the assault in the hopes that she would feel better about it, but unfortunately, she felt worse. To cope with the overwhelming feelings, she started to self harm. This went on until her senior year when it all seemed too much to bear and she attempted suicide to stop the pain.

Ellie was lucky because she was able to get the help she needed right away and after getting the treatment she needed, she has learned to be proud of herself. She can laugh without holding anything back, smile until her cheeks start to twitch and she goes to bed every night with her heart feeling full. She is eager to help other students, especially those with a hearing loss, like her.

“Honestly, I believe that my past obstacles will make the road ahead of me much smoother. I am equipped with the skills to get me through this messy life and I know that in 10 years I will be doing whatever I want, whatever makes me happy.”

Although leaving for college is scary, she is excited to be able to start this new chapter. We are so proud of your courage to speak out, Ellie! You have just begun to live out your next chapter!

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“…my mental health does not define me. I am Ellie, athlete, student, friend, sister, daughter, and leader.”

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