Scholar Spotlight – Anna

Life was pretty great for Anna. She described her home as her sanctuary. She had a wonderful family, lots of friends, good grades, life was good. But when that sanctuary turned into a war zone, her anxiety began to take over. She felt an enormous pressure to be perfect at everything, perfect daughter, perfect friend, perfect students. She quickly learned that nothing and nobody is perfect and she felt like a failure. She began to self harm and ultimately tried to take her own life. Fortunately for Anna, she was able to find the resources she needed and began to climb out of the darkness. Although it took some time, Anna has come to grips with her diagnosis and has learned to manage it with medication and reaching out when she needs it.

“And for now, I’ve found my next step. I’m going to be an environmental engineer. If asked that question two years ago, I’d have responded with ‘I want’, but now, I respond with an ‘I’m going to’.”

She is excited about her new chapter at the University of Texas where she plans to study environmental engineering as she prepares to work in the lab that develops solar cells. Anna is a bubbly, giggly, effervescent young lady who is going to shine in Austin! We are so excited to see how this new chapter unfolds and are honored to have a small part in her journey!

“My struggle with mental illness is what taught me that life always throws obstacles, but it’s not the obstacle that’s important, it’s how you react, how you ask for help from others and how you help yourself.”

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