Presenting 2019-20 Mary Cathryn White Memorial Scholarship Winner

“I do not want my depression, anxiety and panic attacks to define me. Today I have reached a point where I am extremely happy with where I am.”

Myla Franklin, University of Memphis Class of 2023

Myla comes from an environment where, like many families, her parents did not understand that reaching out for help with depression and anxiety is not a sign of weakness, but of strength. But after a particularly difficult year of major family changes, her anxiety and depression began to manifest in ways that caused her alienation from the thing she loved best; dance. This led to a downward spiral that culminated in a suicide attempt. Finally, she was able to seek the intense treatment she had needed so badly.

“Looking back now, I see the good; strength. Without low moments in life, we will never grow and reach our full potential.”

Seeking in-patient treatment was difficult at first because she still felt that it was a sign of weakness, but soon she realized that it was the step in the right direction. She learned coping skills for her anxiety and panic attacks and realized that seeking help made her strong, not weak. We are so glad that she decided to #KeepFighting. Her family is beginning to understand her struggles now and are supporting her recovery.

“There came a moment where I had to decide, did I want to give in to my depression or did I want to push and work against it?”

Myla is looking forward to going to the University of Memphis where she plans to study physical therapy. Her goal is to work in a hospital where she can work with pediatric patients. She is also dancing again! We are thrilled to be a small part of her journey! Dance on dear Myla, we’ve got your back!

Interested in applying for the Mary Cathryn White Memorial Scholarship? Click here to learn more: MCWMS

If you or someone you know is ready to #KeepFighting and #LiveYourNextChapter – start getting your application together. We will be adding a link to download an application for 2020-21 in August!

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