Scholar Spotlight

The JC Runyon Foundation exists to help students move forward after behavioral health issues have drained their financial resources and hopes for a future.

Scholar Spotlight – Amy

From a very early age, Amy always wanted to be a professional dancer. Even though her instructors were harsh, she listened and took the insults to heart, like many other young dancers do. Unfortunately, this led to years worth of self harming behaviors and eventually suicidal ideation. She spent several years trying to find the […]

Scholar Spotlight: Jordan

We are so proud of Jordan’s choice to attend the University of Memphis as an education major. “I am excited about the opportunity to serve as a teacher. I believe my experiences will help me to connect with students, especially the ones that are going through challenges. Do I regret what happened to me? No. […]

Scholar Spotlight: Jacob

The JC Runyon Foundation is pleased to present our 5th Scholarship Recipient for 2017 – Jacob R. After losing his beloved grandfather in 2012, Jacob began to mask his pain through self medication – drugs and alcohol. This quickly spiraled into an addiction that contributed to legal troubles and eventually led to a treatment program […]

Scholar Spotlight: Keegan

The JC Runyon Foundation is pleased to spotlight our 4th Scholar for 2017: Keegan After enduring a crushing major depressive episode his Sophomore year in high school, Keegan began the long journey of treatment. As many kids his age, it took several different treatment plans to finally find the correct diagnoses and discover his life’s […]

Scholar Spotlight: Elizabeth

After suffering from debilitating panic attacks that started at the age of 11, Liz finally achieved stability in time to graduate from high school with her peers. Even though her grades were erratic (as are many of the students who have struggled with mental health issues) she scored a 1510 on her SAT. She will […]

Scholar Spotlight: Alex J.

Scholar Spotlight – Alex J. – Criswell College Class of 2020 We at JCRF are so pleased to be able to share Alex’s story. After years of living as a self proclaimed functional alcoholic from a happy childhood home, Alex realized that living for the American Dream was full of empty promises and descended into […]

We are pleased to announce our 2016 Person of the Year

We were blown away by the support the students at Auburn University have shown Taylor as she was elected Miss Homecoming 2015. She is helping others by her willingness to #UNMASK and share her story. What an example to others and we are thrilled to be able to honor her as our Person of the […]

Scholar Spotlight: Arianna

We are pleased to present another of our 2016 JC Runyon Foundation Scholarship Recipients, Arianna! Arianna is not your typical teenage girl. After being diagnosed with depression and PTSD at the age of ten years old, she endured years of silence and fear until she finally began to seek the treatment she so desperately needed. […]

Scholar Spotlight: Anita

I am lucky to have this opportunity to tell my story and feel happy to know support is out there for people with mental illness

Scholar Spotlight: Miranda

Have you noticed that we have updated our logo? We are in the midst of revamping our brand and in addition to an updated logo we will be spotlighting our newest scholarship recipients one at a time. Even though we had so many outstanding applications this year, we were only able to say YES to […]

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