Because of generous donors like you, families affected by behavioral health no longer have to choose between college and paying expensive medical bills.

By the time a student’s family has paid for treatment, additional finances are rarely available for education. Strict limits on insurance benefits for mental health create major financial burdens for patients and their families.

Your Impact

$1,000.00 – One Half Semester for One Student

$2,000.00 – One Semester for One Student

$8,000.00 – One Partial Scholarship for One Student (4 Semesters)

$16,000.00 – One Full Scholarship for One Student (8 Semesters)

Together we are helping students #LiveTheNextChapter!

Scholar Spotlight – Ellie

Ellie grew up in a typical middle class home with a loving family. And although she was somewhat aware of mental health issues, she really didn’t pay much attention to it. But that all changed her sophomore year of high school when a fellow classmate sexually assaulted her at school. She spent a month trying […]

Our board consists of professionals in the behavioral health care industry and educators. We understand what you’ve been through, and we have the resources to help.