Mary Cathryn White Memorial Scholarship

Are you ready to #FightForward and #LiveYourNextChapter?

Mary Cathryn (MC to her friends and family) was a bubbly, bright shining light in a lot of lives here in her hometown of Collierville, TN. A dear friend wrote that if others were water, MC would be carbonated. She was fizzy and funny and made everyone who knew her smile. She had a family who loved her fiercely and a network of dear friends. What could be better?

But MC had a very dark side that she hid from the world. She suffered from a deep depression that nobody really knew about until she attempted suicide for the first time in 2016. Her friends and family were in shock. How could this beautiful young woman, who looked like she had everything, want to die? She spent the next year fighting her way back into what many thought was a new beginning. She talked openly about her struggles, even writing a book entitled When God Showed Up and agreed to be interviewed a few times. The world, it appeared, was hers to own!

Unfortunately, the depression finally became something that she just could not overcome and we lost her on February 25, 2018. Ironically, it was the same day that we lost JC Runyon 11 years before. She left a wake of grief and sorrow that was hard to fathom. It is still hard to imagine this world without MC.

MC’s parents want to make sure that the world understands and learns from her struggles. No parent should have to bury their child, ever. But when a child leaves this world by choice, it creates a chasm that cannot be filled with platitudes and casseroles. We need to shine a light into this darkness and let other young ladies, who like MC feel that there is no way out, know that there is hope and to keep #FightingForward.

MC was not someone who should be remembered for the way she died, but for how she lived, which is why the JC Runyon Foundation is honoring her memory. We want to help the young ladies in our region who are living with the same depression that MC had, but want to keep #FightingForward.

Suicide is not the answer.

The intent of the Mary Cathryn White Memorial Scholarship is to celebrate our girls who want to keep fighting. To help them #LiveTheNextChapter with other young ladies who are fighting the same fight, every single day.

How to Apply: Applicants must be female Tennessee or Mid-South residents who have struggled with suicidal ideation and/or attempts and meet the basic eligibility requirements for the JC Runyon Foundation Scholarship.


For more information contact us 901-969-3115

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